Cloud Services
Stellar Systems has developed a best-in-class cloud environment. Located in a tier 1 data centre in metropolitan Perth we use leading vendors like IBM, Juniper and Microsoft to power our environment ensuring reliability and performance.
Hosted Servers
Stellar Systems offers hosted server environments allowing clients to move server infrastructure to the cloud thereby removing the need to purchase hardware and allowing software licensing to be procured on a monthly basis. The environment including server resources, software and user licensing can be scaled up and down as needed on a month to month basis.
Hosted Email
Stellar Systems offers hosted email solutions based on the industry leading Microsoft Exchange platform. This allows organisations to access their email from any location using Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices. The service includes a full suite of features such as antivirus, antispam, webmail, shared calendars, shared mailboxes and global address lists.
Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop allows clients to access their desktop and applications from any location. This can have many advantages such as:
Application deployment: You can quickly deploy Windows-based programs to computing devices across a business. Remote Desktop Services is especially useful when you have programs that are frequently updated, infrequently used, or difficult to manage.
Application consolidation: Programs are installed and run from a single server, eliminating the need for updating programs on client computers. This also reduces the amount of network bandwidth that is required to access programs.
Branch office access: Remote Desktop provides better program performance for branch office workers who need access to centralized data stores. Data-intensive programs sometimes do not have client/server protocols that are optimized for low-speed connections. Programs of this kind frequently perform better over a Remote Desktop connection than over a typical wide area network.
Virtual Private Network
Stellar Systems can terminate virtual private network connections to a wide variety of existing site hardware and internet services to extend network boundaries and establish private cloud functionality. We support technologies to allow the establishment of connections with no re-addressing of site resources and over dynamically addressed connections.
Data Syncronisation
Many clients now require data replication between cloud and on premise environments. Stellar Systems can implement this replication through the use of established Microsoft Distributed File System Replication feature. This can be used for widespread local data access from multiple locations simultaneously or for data collection from branch sites for backup purposes.
Offsite Backup Replication
Stellar Systems provides the ability to host a synchronised copy of your backup data on cloud based storage. This is typically replicated after hours to negate any impact on the performance of internet infrastructure and we can accommodate a large variety of backup products as well as monitoring and reporting of this replication service.
Custom Solutions
As Stellar Systems manage our cloud environment end to end we are able to customise and tailor solutions to the very specific needs of our clients. This includes hybrid solutions using on premise equipment / cloud infrastructure and bespoke configuration requirements.
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