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A family owned national engineering and construction firm partnered with Stellar Systems many years ago for their IT needs. Over the last 15 years Stellar Systems has helped them grow from a small Perth based earthworks business to a leading national engineering and construction company. Now with offices in four states, multiple business units and over 600 computer users they require IT infrastructure that is robust and performs above expectations.
Some of the key projects and services Stellar Systems has delivered recently are:
Dedicated Service Desk – With over 600 computer users and a vast array of applications, an experienced service desk is required. Stellar Systems provides all service desk functions within the business through two full-time level 1/2 staff and a dedicated level 3 network administrator. Through regular surveys, the team averages over 90% rating with the regular comment being “The best IT team we have ever dealt with”.
IT Ticketing System – As the number of staff grew, it became clear that an IT ticketing system would be required to successfully manage requests and issues. Stellar Systems leveraged ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus. Successful implementation of this platform and the reporting and problem visibility it provides, has helped reduce ticket numbers.
High Availability Virtualised Environment – Server performance and uptime was paramount for the business. Stellar Systems deployed Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 utilising a high availability cluster on blade and SAN technology in a data centre located in Perth. The project involved migrating 50+ virtual machines from the existing virtualisation platform and utilising replication to a second location for disaster recovery.
Remote Site Deployments – Many of the firm's jobs are located in remote locations such as the Pilbra or northern Queensland. They require short term sites to be setup for staff to access centralised IT infrastructure. Due the remoteness of the locations and difficulties procuring stable communications infrastructure, various technologies are required to provide a reliable experience for staff. Stellar Systems are involved with the setup of communications and specialised hardware devices such as WAN accelerators and preconfigured ruggedised racks. Some site deployments also require Stellar Systems staff to attend onsite to assist with the initial deployment.
HRIS (Human Resources Information System) Deployment – To help manage the 800+ staff a new HRIS suite was procured by the business and it quickly became apparent that they would need assistance with the implementation. They leveraged one of Stellar System's staff members to help project manage the IT aspect of the deployment. This included liaising and working with internal staff, the vendor in the US and third party Sharepoint developers. Through this process the business was able to ensure that stakeholder expectations were met and the project was on-time and on-budget.
Application Deployment – Key applications throughout the business were traditionally installed directly on end-users workstations. As the business grew, any new releases of key applications were becoming time and labour intensive to deploy. End-users were also experiencing performance issues when utilising the applications at remote sites. To solve these problems Stellar Systems deployed a redundant load-balanced Microsoft Remote Desktop server farm and utilised RemoteApp to distribute the applications to both local and remote users. Following the introduction of this infrastructure, key applications could be deployed and updated rapidly and with minimal labour requirements. The lightweight RDP protocol that RemoteApp uses increased performance for users at remote locations.
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