Conveyancing Company, Perth
A Conveyancing company was acquired with antiquated IT infrastructure, phone system and low bandwidth ADSL Internet service. The aim of the new owners was to expand the business rapidly and required a complete voice and data infrastructure upgrade to support an intensive customer service business. The new owners needed no convincing that the cloud was a strategic fit in its unique business context having had extensive past experience with on premise IT infrastructure over many years. More companies are turning to cloud hosting as an attractive option for expanding or replacing legacy systems and to ease the strain on IT resources and budgets and to avoid capital expenditure outlays.
“The movement to the cloud is hard to ignore. The decision to go with virtual private cloud was a strategic one which increased our IT and financial flexibility. The support we received from Stellar not only helped us migrate to the cloud, but it made us feel very secure in doing so. After running Stellar’s solution for a while, we found that it was really the best decision we could have made”
Key elements of the delivered solution are as follows:
Amcom Fibre Connectivity – Cloud technology relies heavily on Internet connectivity. An existing residential grade ADSL connection was replaced with a business grade Amcom fibre connection. The new fibre connection offered an improved SLA, lower latency and greater scalability.
Amcom Hosted IPTel – An antiquated traditional PABX phone system was replaced by an Amcom hosted IPTel solution. The new IPTel system was able to reduce costs through cheaper call rates, removal of ISDN lines and reduced support. Now things such as name changes on extensions can be performed in-house using a simple web portal.
Cloud Server and Remote Desktop Infrastructure – The use of cloud servers allowed for the quick deployment of new infrastructure. Removing the reliance on an aging on premise server. Remote Desktop services was used to provide a desktop for employees to use. Remote Desktop simplifies the deployment of applications as they are installed at a single location as well as providing flexibility as the desktop is available from any location with Internet connectivity. Cloud servers and Remote Desktop are able to be scaled up or down in both capacity and software licensing based on the requirement of the company.
Hosted Exchange – The Stellar Systems Hosted Exchange solution was deployed to provide email services to the company. The client felt comfortable knowing that the infrastructure was located in a data centre in Perth and not overseas. Cost savings were immediately realised with an internal Exchange server no longer having to be supported.
Quick On-boarding of new Offices – The company has an aggressive growth strategy in place and it is paramount that they can bring new offices online quickly. As all the IT infrastructure is hosted in the cloud, the IT complexity of new sites is removed. Each new site simply requires Internet connectivity and they are able to connect into the Remote Desktop Server with all the applications ready to go. Phones are also run over the Internet and utilise the Amcom hosted IPTel solution.
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